If you ordered the lovey size:

The Lovey 18x22" is an extremely small blanket. You cannot wrap a baby in a blanket this size, it is a bit larger than a burp cloth and is meant to comfort and play with not cover.

How big will the embroidery be?

We try to make all embroidery as large as possible. However, we can only make them as large as our hoop allows, which depends on the amount of names/words, font, and setup. Generally speaking more words = smaller embroidery. If you order a kid/lap or twin size, the embroidery will be larger. If you would like sizing specifics, please feel free to contact us at shop@boosblankets.com.

Why does the embroidery not show up as well as advertised?

On our pictured blankets we use the best font possible to show the embroidery. Generally speaking fluffier blankets will need a thicker font to really stand out. If you select a hide, glacier, or seal side to be embroidered we suggest sticking with the pictured font, or a font that is of the same thickness. All fonts show up well on the dot texture fabric. If you have any questions or would like to double check if the embroidery will pop well, please feel free to chat with us or send us an email!

Why is my blanket slightly smaller than advertised?

All of our items are are hand cut and sewn and there can be slight variations (1-2" on each side) on the finished product size. If the discrepancy is larger than 1-2" inches please feel free to contact us at shop@boosblankets.com. Please provide your order number as well as a photo of the blanket fully laid out with a measuring tape showing the full dimensions of the blanket.

Can I see a preview of my blanket before ordering?

We are happy to send over a mockup of the name in up to four fonts. Please feel free to send us a chat or email us at shop@boosblankets.com with the names and the names of the fonts you'd like to see. You can also check out our font generator here: boosfonts.com.



When will my order ship?

Our typical processing time is 3-7 business days. If you need your item faster please feel free to send us an email. The shipping speed is based on the delivery option selected at checkout. 

During the Holiday shopping season, orders typically ship within 7-10 business days.

Lost, Stolen, Damaged Packages

If your order is lost, stolen or damaged please contact us at shop@boosblankets.com.

How do I cancel my order?

Please contact us immediately at shop@boosblankets.com. Orders that have begun production will incur a cancellation fee.

Can I edit my order once it has been placed?

We copy and paste the names/words provided into our embroidery program so please make sure everything is correct before placing your order. If you would like to make any changes to your order please contact us immediately at shop@boosblankets.com. As long as we have not started on your order, changes can be made. Orders that have begun production will incur a change order fee.

The tracking on my order says delivered but I can’t find my package, what do I do?

We have seen packages arrive up to 7 business days after the delivery tracking notifies the recipient that it’s been delivered. If you have still not received your package after 5 days from the latest tracking update, please contact us at shop@boosblankets.com.

I entered the wrong shipping address at checkout, what do I do?

As long as your order has not been shipped out, we are able to change the shipping address for you. Email our customer service team with your order number and correct shipping address and they can get that changed for you. 

Customer service email: shop@boosblankets.com