The History of Baby Blankets │ Where they came from and why they're still so popular today

Hi everyone! After making baby blankets for years, I never asked myself the question: where did these come from? After doing some research, here's what I've learned.

The use of baby blankets have been around for centuries. It makes sense, because baby blankets have so many uses. They keep babies warm, comfortable, and protected. While the exact origins of baby blankets are hard to pinpoint, they have been a part of parenting throughout history.

In ancient civilizations, including ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, swaddling infants was a common practice. Swaddling involved wrapping babies tightly in cloth or blankets to provide warmth, security, and aid in their development. Swaddling techniques varied across cultures and time periods, but the basic concept remained the same.

In European history, baby blankets were often handcrafted by mothers or other family members. They were made from various fabrics, including wool, linen, and cotton. These blankets were typically plain or adorned with simple embroidery or lace. Hand-knitted or crocheted blankets also became popular, showcasing intricate patterns and designs.

During the 19th and early 20th centuries, baby blankets continued to be handmade by mothers or acquired through family heirlooms. They were often treasured items that were passed down through generations, carrying sentimental value and stories of family history.

With advancements in textile manufacturing and the rise of the industrial revolution, the production of baby blankets shifted from primarily handmade to mass-produced. Manufacturers began producing blankets on a larger scale, utilizing various materials and introducing more decorative designs.

In recent times, baby blankets have evolved to meet the changing needs and preferences of parents. They are now available in a wide range of materials, including cotton, muslin, fleece, and synthetic blends. Designs have become more diverse, incorporating colorful patterns, characters, and themes that appeal to both parents and babies. Minky has become one of the top materials used in baby blankets, as it is extremely soft and versalite. 

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